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Launch and Scale Your E-commerce Business Successfully

Why Ecomm?

Learn every step you need to launch an e-commerce website and grow it into a profitable business. Apply the right knowledge in terms of mindset, product development, branding, sourcing, and marketing. Learn what resources you need to build and run an e-commerce business.



Who We Are?

The Ecomm BizKit Incubator is led by two doers, Dr. Liz Lehman, the founder of Aluminate Life, and Prati Kaufman, the founder of Small Biz Marketing.

Ecomm BizKit Incubator came into existence from our deep desire to support others who want to build a successful eCommerce business. We want to share all we have learned on our respective journeys – the mistakes, the challenges, and what it takes to build a successful business. 

We decided to become the help we needed when we started our ecommerce ventures. We didn’t have the knowledge required to overcome obstacles and make smart choices. Today, we decided to provide that knowledge. It’s what we call Everything Ecomm.

Prati Kaufman

Dr. Liz Lehman

Dr. Liz is an anesthesiologist turned candle maker. She launched Aluminate Life in the middle of the Pandemic. When she started, Dr. Liz had no prior business experience, only a passion for candles and a strong will. Since then, her online candle shop has turned into a seven-figure business and the growth is still ongoing. In her journey, Liz learned everything the hard way. Today, she wants to teach others how to avoid the same mistakes she made. She will share all knowledge, tips, and resources she’s gathered over the years.
Dr. Liz Lehman
Founder of Aluminate Life
Prati Kaufman has 25 years of marketing experience spent in different companies scattered across the world — from India to Dubai to the United States. Four years ago, Prati launched her own marketing agency to support small businesses. She understands the marketing challenges of small business owners and knows how to build a brand through integrated marketing. She led tens of entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses.
Prati Kaufman
founder of Small Biz Marketing

Why Ecomm BizKit Incubator?

Everybody talks about e-commerce but no one shows you the small but crucial details that go into building an e-commerce business.

There’s finding a product to sell, market research, finding the right audience, branding, product photos, packaging design, sourcing raw materials, shipping, securing payments, building a website, creating a marketing plan, handling customer service and returns, and so much more.

All of this can cost a pretty penny but in this incubator we will share how to do it all on your own for a low cost.

We’ll also teach you mindset tricks that will help you work smart and dinstinguish what works for you from what doesn’t..

Failure is inevitable if you don’t prepare.

Most people take the e-commerce jump and hope to build their parachute mid-air. It’s a sexy idea but it rarely works.

If you always improvise as you go, you spend your entire entrepreneurship journey in survival mode which leads to high stress levels.

We put everything we know about e-commerce at your service to achieve three goals:

The Ecomm BizKit Incubator is completely free, but it has limited availability.