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10 Effective Ways to Create an Email Marketing Strategy For Your E-commerce Business

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your e-commerce business. It can help you reach new customers, increase sales, and even drive traffic to your website. Email marketing can be used as a way of communicating with your existing customers by sending them updates about new products or promotions. This will help you build on their trust in the company, which is important for building relationships that last over time. 

This blog post will show you some ways to create the best email marketing strategies for your e-commerce business. Let’s check out what we have on the list for you!

1. Think About Your Content Strategy

The first step to creating a successful email marketing strategy is to create a content strategy. A content strategy outlines how you will communicate with your customers, what they can expect from you, what information you want your customers to have about your business, and how they can get it. A good way to start this process is by thinking about what makes up your brand identity as an e-commerce store owner or marketer. What words do people associate with your brand? What image comes to mind when someone thinks of what you do? If so, use those words and images in your email communications so that it fits into their minds when they open the message on their inboxes or smartphones.

2. Keep the Subject Line Short

47% of email readers just read the subject line before opening the message. This demonstrates how important subject lines are to the success of your email marketing campaign. In reality, emails with subject lines of 6 to 10 words have the highest open rates. Another fact that works to your advantage is the 22% increase in open rates for subject lines that convey urgency or exclusivity. Subject lines can either make or break your campaign’s success. So, the next time you’ll find yourself crafting one, keep in mind that the more you tell with less, the better the chances of a successful campaign you have.

3. Create a Branding/Headline Strategy

This is an important way because it determines how the rest of your email marketing will be written. Here are some tips for creating effective emails:

  • Use the right tone and words. Don’t use slang, which can confuse potential customers and make them less likely to click on your links or open the messages in their inboxes. If possible, use only professional language; otherwise, try using plain English that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch or spammy advertisement.
  • Make sure each email has its subject line so that recipients know what they’re reading. You want them to completely understand what’s behind every piece of content before deciding whether or not they want more information from you.

4. Create an Engaging Email Tone

Use friendly tone emails it is more likely to be opened and read, so your message should be written in a positive, casual tone. This can be achieved by using the word “you,” as well as other personalizing words like “I” or “we.” Create conversational language within each email campaign so customers feel comfortable opening them up immediately after receiving them, but don’t forget about those formal strategies, It’s a good idea to plan before sending out an initial message from yourself, especially if there’s been no previous contact between both parties.

5. Choose The Best Time To Send an Email

Timing is everything when it comes to the success rate of your email campaigns. The best time to send emails for an e-commerce business is before 10 am. Most people are already at work and trying to get some things accomplished, eventually checking their email inbox and going through their unread messages. Don’t send emails outside of business hours unless you have a good reason. Send it before peak opening hours if you’d like them to be read quickly.

6. Offer Discounts To Loyal Customers

The lifeblood of your business, repeat clients are what will keep it afloat and propel it forward. And establishing a unique loyalty club for your top performers is one of the quickest and simplest ways to develop a devoted and loyal following. With the help of offering discounts, you could quickly send an email to only your regular clients, letting them know how special they are and strengthening your ties with them while enticing them with special deals.

7. Send Them Information On The Number of Products or Ask For A Wishlist Item

It’s a terrific idea to allow customers to sign up to be notified when an item is back in stock if it’s out of stock. Instead, if you allow customers to create wishlists, set up an email autoresponder to send them updates on those products from time to time. Consumers prefer to be continuously informed about the things they truly desire and want. Also, it’s a great way to keep customers engaged with your email marketing campaigns. By making them feel important, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll continue to open your messages for a long time to come. 

8. Ask Customers for Reviews

You should feel comfortable approaching engaged customers and asking for reviews once they purchase from your store and open your emails. It can help to grow your e-commerce business because you are aware of the quality of your products.  Reviews and feedback from customers can be helpful for all business owners to improve their services. 

9. Plan for Testing & Optimization

Testing and optimization are the most essential to the success of your email marketing strategy. You should do both at different stages of your campaign, as well as in different parts of it.  It’s important to know that testing doesn’t mean throwing away all your hard work it means making sure that what you’re doing is working before you move forward with more progressive changes like optimizing. The more data points you have before moving on, the better chance you’ll have at hitting those conversion targets. Once the email is sent we cannot redo it again so it’s very important to test it before sending it out. 

10. Send Mobile Friendly Emails

Imagine sending an email that looks so good. But the moment you open it on your phone the images don’t show and the design looks bad. As a result, your subscribers aren’t able to interact. This situation can seriously affect your campaign’s success. 80% of Internet users own a cell phone and this number is even expected to grow over the years. That’s why you should never leave your email marketing strategy without a mobile-friendly design. Regardless of where subscribers check their email, make sure to always send emails that will be of high quality.


Creating the best Email marketing strategies is a great way to connect with your customers and build relationships. It’s also a terrific way of building brand awareness and promoting your products or services. If you want the best results you should have continuous improvement in your email campaigns. Another important factor in marketing strategy is user experience, which comes with having a user-friendly website. Check out our blog 5 Best Practices to Increase User Experience in Your E-commerce Store, and you’ll develop a better understanding of how visual design and navigational structure can enhance your site experience.


Remember that the best strategy we can make as business owner is to always put ourselves in the shoe of our customers. If we want the best results we should be the first to satisfy our desires. Keep searching and keep improving!

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