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5 Reasons Seasonal Sales Are Great For E-commerce Businesses

Do you remember the last time you genuinely desired something but were unable to purchase it? Then let us say you were allowed to purchase the item for less than 40% or 50% off. Can you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Imagine the feeling of excitement of getting up from your seat, reaching for your wallet or credit card, and finally making that dream purchase a reality. We are sure you will love it. 

Everyone loves SALES. Nothing grabs a customer’s attention more than a sale announcement. Seasonal sales are an excellent strategy for attracting potential customers, delighting existing customers with discounts that might only be offered once or twice a year, driving a lot of traffic, and encouraging purchases to e-commerce platforms. 

In this article, we will dive into 5 reasons why Seasonal Sales Are Great for E-commerce Businesses.

What are Seasonal Sales?

A discount offering of a product or a service at a price lesser than the original price.  A seasonal discount is offered on seasonal goods or at particular seasons. For example, there are discounts on products during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, or Black Friday. Or perhaps you’re launching a new product line that you are eager to get customers interested in.

Sales promotions are one of the oldest marketing techniques in e-commerce and for good reason, 88% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year. Promotion can be used to get rid of inventory to make room for new stuff. It could be a seasonal campaign to capitalize on consumer spending. Below are the 5  detailed positive reasons you need to offer seasonal sales for your e-commerce business.

1. Drive Traffic to Your Website

When you promote a special offer on social media, email, display ads, or through referrals, you’re driving additional traffic to your website which can lead to more sales, more leads, and more visibility for your brand. 

Make the most of that traffic by creating a special landing page tailored to the audience you’re targeting with your discount. Use relevant messaging and content to connect with them, and try to provide value beyond the discount itself. Consider how you can encourage email signups, content downloads, or other behaviours that will help build a lasting brand relationship with your new customers. 

2. Attract New and Repeat Customers

Creating seasonal sales and seasonal marketing campaigns shows that you take a strong interest in serving your customers. Holidays are a time when emotions are high, everyone celebrating is taking time off work to meet and greet with their loved ones. Each gift carries a special message. As we exchange these tokens of affection, we not only bring joy to our loved ones’ hearts but also kindle the spirit of generosity.  Kick off your marketing campaign that resonates with the emotions of customers.

If your discount is only valid for a limited time, make that clear when you advertise the discounted items. People are more likely to rush in and take a look around if they only have a few days. Your store will be busier during the discount period, you may need to schedule more employees to ensure smooth service. In this way, you can attract new and repeat customers, read our blog Tips to Attract the Perfect Customer for Your E-Commerce Business.

3. It Raises Brand Awareness

By utilizing a range of different promotion platforms, seasonal sales can assist you in building up your reputation. It demonstrates that you are not a passive e-commerce business, but rather a proactive business that cares about its clients.

Second, holiday seasons frequently encourage non-regular shoppers to evaluate your products at a low cost. In other words, you could be acquiring a large number of new customers by offering discounts. Aside from that, major online retail platforms such as Amazon will most likely display your company’s name among sellers who make lucrative offers within a specific timeframe. When combined with high-quality website content, social media marketing, and paid Google searches, you can significantly enhance your chances of being found by new prospects eager to test the new brand.

4. Clear Out Excess Inventory

This can help to move excess inventory more quickly, reducing the need for storage space and freeing up resources for other products. In addition, discounts can help to increase sales and revenue by making products more attractive to customers through the use of personalized and targeted discounts. This can also help to prevent inventory from becoming stale or outdated, reducing the need for markdowns and clearance sales. This will also make room for you to plan your next line of items, whether it is by offering more of your best sellers or introducing a new product to your e-commerce store.

5. Meet Sales Objectives

Every business out there has specific sales goals that should be realized to ensure profitability. By offering discounts on specific products or services, you can capture the attention of potential buyers who may have been hesitant to purchase at regular prices. Lower prices make the products more affordable and appealing, enticing customers to make a purchase. This increased customer traffic can significantly contribute to meeting sales objectives.

If you feel you are in a position where your business won’t be able to meet those sales objectives, you can easily boost your sales through product offers as well as special discounts.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, using seasonal sales to grow your e-commerce business is a great marketing strategy to boost sales. By lowering prices or offering promotional deals, customers are more likely to make purchases. 

Whatever discount strategy you choose, ensure it’s targeted, intentional, and measurable. Discounts allow e-commerce businesses to quickly shift stock, build engagement, and onboard new customers for the longest time. You need to pick your discount strategy because that is what matters the most. Register for the Incubator at www.ecommbizkit.com now and gain access to cutting-edge strategies from our expert coaches and take your e-commerce business to the next level!